"Protect your teeth while you sleep with baking soda and xylitol." 

What do you have in your retainer?

Award winning patented dental gel now used in Retainer Gel, pH7Smile, Aligner Night Gel & Dry Mouth Gel product lines. 

"The great thing about this formula is xylitol reduces decay, baking soda reduces acidity, it freshens breath and even cleans your dental appliances while you sleep. You will have a minty fresh smile when you wake up!"

An aligner patient discusses how his mouth feels much better with our gel:  https://youtube.com/shorts/lRSTSXEuVco?si=kgw2S-gb40c-mmO0

A US orthodontist describes his wife's experience: 


Rachel Pizzolato

Myth Busters JR star reviews our pH7Smile Retainer gel.


Rachel discusses pH and why you need to know more about this protective gel: