How low does the pH of your patient's mouth get during sleep and can you trust a retainer to protect teeth from acid reflux without using a product like ours?

Check out this study on oral pH during  mouth breathing sleep:

Have you heard of 'Silent Reflux' and the toothdamage that it can cause?

Our patients really enjoy Retainer Gel and it only makes sense that orthodontists should start to consider the positive effects of addressing morning retainer breath and nocturnal oral acidity.”
- Dr. Dustin Burleson, Orthodontist

If you've had braces and begin to reduce the use of your orthodontic retainer this can lead to expensive complications. Why not turn your retainer into a wellness delivery system and keep your straight teeth safer with natural pH control?

Ask your Orthodontic professional if this product may be right for you.

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Retainer Gel is a patented formula designed by a denal professional to help with a wide range of problems related to excess acidity which leads to millions of dollars of dental bills every year. If you want to take your smile seriously, read more about our product.

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